Monday, 27 April 2015

Round the World with the Gingerbread Man!

Last term we had a themed unit based around the idea that a Gingerbread Man had escaped from our classroom after we did some baking! This idea came from my co-teacher who found it online.

From this we did lots of activities around the story; making a wanted poster, sequencing the story, different narrative, writing our own narrative, writing from point of view of the Gingerbread man in form of a postcard back to the teacher. While we did all this, the Gingerbread Man (aka relatives of the kids) sent us postcards from around the world which we pinned onto a map for the kids to see.

We had so much engagement and excitement from this! The kids imaginations ran wild and they would come to the school in the morning telling me that they think that they had seen the Gingerbread Man in all sorts of places.