Monday, 2 March 2015

My Top Edtech Tools

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 13: Name the top edtech tools that you use on a consistent basis in the classroom and rank them in terms of their perceived effectiveness.

The top edtech tools that I use as a teacher are:

1) Apple iPad - these are used often in my classroom with children using apps as part of the rotation for numeracy and literacy. They are great at engaging children in their learning in fun ways.

2) YouTube - great to bring a visual or even just aural component into the classroom that gives variety rather than just me talking!

3) Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers - I use these tools often to plan my lessons/units and get new ideas.

4) Twitter- I love this tool for networking with other teachers and for reflecting (what I also use this blog for!)

Just to add to this an edtech tool that I think would be great but haven't had the chance to use yet is Ted-Ed. I hope to be able to use this one in the classroom soon!

Please comment if you have any you would like to share.

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