Monday, 9 February 2015

In My Classroom

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 5: Take a photo of your classroom and describe what you see and what you can't see that you would like to.

In my classroom I can see:

  • 4 group tables that allow children to work in both levelled and multilevel situations, which are suited to the height of the children sitting around them
  • Spaces on the floor for small group and individual games/activities. areas of the room are dedicated to library books, browsing books, literacy boxes, maths boxes, puzzles and a range of toys for imaginative play. 
  • An art table at the back of the room with shelving for supplies, a storage rack for wet paintings and a sink.
  • A bean shaped teaching table to allow the teacher to work easily with small groups and a mat space to allow whole class instruction with views of a large and smaller whiteboard.
  • On the walls are colourful displays of high frequency words, unit topic displays and children's work.
  • A water dispenser and plastic named mugs for children to drink from.
  • Bag hooks for each child to hang their coats and bags from.
  • Plenty of storage for children's books and classroom resources.
  • An Apple TV on the back of the small whiteboard.
  • Desks that can be used as a quite space.
  • Laptops and iPads.

What I would like to see in my classroom is:

  • Some more space between tables to allow better movement and functionality when playing inside games and doing fitness on wet days.
  • A bigger dedicated reading space.
  • Ultimately just a little more room! The class room I have is pretty amazing already!

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