Thursday, 26 March 2015

What Would I Do as a Teacher If I Weren't Afraid?

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 30: What would you do, as a teacher, if you weren't afraid?

And last but not least the final day! Just before the end of term too!

Just been chatting on Twitter about purposeful innovation in education (#edchatnz) and so this question comes at a time when I am thinking about if I am innovative enough in the classroom and how I could be more so. This leads to not being afraid because sometimes it takes more courage than you want to have to try new things and take risks. Especially when you are the newest member of an established teaching crew.

I would like to be more innovative in the classroom and I hope to take a small step towards that goal each day. I don't think that this means I will stop fearing the risk but I hope to be afraid and do it anyway!

First step: Be open to student suggestions and allow students to take the lead. Learn to say YES to these opportunities more! Let them lead me to a new and more purposeful way to be innovative in my teaching.

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