Thursday, 12 February 2015

Most Inspirational Colleague

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 7: Who was or is your most inspirational colleague and why?

Being a beginning teacher I get so much out of my colleagues! So much is new to me and watching someone else in action is always a great learning experience and very inspiring to me, which makes it hard to choose just one.

Yet one teacher that I worked with does stand out because of her constant positive energy and upbeat attitude. She has such a great rapport with her class and her tip to me was to approach teaching like an acting job. She told me that she considers it her responsibility to keep the kids engaged and entertained and in the spirit of learning and because of this her classroom has an amazing vibe! She also fosters a great learning environment and empowers her students to regulate their own learning which I was so amazed by.

Moreover the way in which she integrates technology so seamlessly in her classroom has inspired me to learn more about how I might do the same in my future classrooms and has pushed me outside my comfort zone to try new things.

To her I send a million thank yous for all her wonderful and inspiring example.

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