Friday, 13 February 2015

What's in your desk drawer?

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 8: What's in your desk drawer and what can you infer from the contents?

This one is hard as I do not have a desk drawer in my classroom and I also share the classroom space with another teacher who has taught in this classroom for several years. However I do have some key things that I keep close that might end up in a desk drawer if I had one to fill:

  • a four coloured biro pen
  • my drink bottle
  • whistle
  • spare hair tie
  • notes on possible lessons or resources
  • ruler
  • felts
  • pad
  • class book
  • a soft toy ball

I think that this list shows that I'm organised and I have the basic tools I need from day to day. Most of the stuff I need to use with the kids is already in trays in a storage unit beside the teaching desk so I don't have to worry about these!

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