Monday, 9 March 2015

Curating Student's Work

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 20: How do you curate student work - or help them do it themselves?

Most of the work that we curate is displayed on the walls of our classroom. This is mostly art work or writing with art work and it is placed on the wall by the teacher or teacher's aide. What is curated is usually decided by the teacher.

Children usually work within guidelines when creating work that they are presenting or work that will be on display. There is usually a lot of direction as to what is expected of the students when preparing their work. If there is writing, students are reminded to make the writing large enough to be easy to read from where it'll be on the wall. Students are also given guidance on the placement of their work on the page and how they use the space for both visual and written work.

What I have learned from writing this is perhaps we could look at other ways that we could curate work in our classroom, though baring in mind that my classroom is full of Year 0-3 students and they need a lot of guidance and modelling in order to present their work.

Things that I could do could be:

  • photographs of students work
  • start a class blog to curate student's work
  • display on school Facebook page
  • give more responsibility for children to decide which work is worthy to be curated
  • use different apps to publish and curate students work with

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