Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Professional Learning Network

Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 22: What does your Professional Learning Network look like and what does it do for your teaching?

I consider myself lucky to have a access to a broad professional learning network of teachers and educators in many different shapes and sizes:

  • Twitter - chats, hashtags and contacts
  • Open educational Facebook Groups
  • Closed Facebook Groups e.g. my cohorts from teaching college (I have access to two cohorts as I did my course part time)
  • Teachers from professional placements
  • Teachers from schools that I have received at
  • Teachers from the school I work in currently
  • Beginning teachers and mentors from my PRT/Mentor workshop

What this means for my teaching is that I have several people from many different stages of teaching an/or education service that I can call upon if I need some advice, guidance or fresh ideas to use in the classroom. It also means that I can use this network of people to discuss and reflect on my teaching practice and and further my professional development in more informal ways than on an official course or workshop.

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